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The Trimbos Institute is a non-profit research center, which concentrates on mental health disorders and addiction. We conduct extensive monitoring activities to better understand drug use and drug markets in the Netherlands.

Drug use, drug markets and the health and social consequences of drug use are constantly changing. The Trimbos Institute tracks these changes closely through various research programs and monitoring systems, such as the Drug Information and Monitoring System (which analyzes nightlife drug composition) and the Monitor Drug-related incidents. By developing, implementing, and sharing knowledge and expertise with healthcare professionals and the general public, we contribute to the prevention and reduction of drug-related problems. In addition, experts from Trimbos offer governments and policymakers the data they need to develop informed drug strategies.

The ALAMA-nightlife project, in which EMSS is central, attunes to recently observed developments and responds to important questions policy makers and prevention workers are currently facing.

Margriet van Laar

Dr. Margriet van Laar is Head of the Drug Monitoring & Policy department at the Trimbos Institute. She  has extensive (20 years) experience in monitoring and epidemiological research in the field of (illicit) drug use, and in communicating science to policy makers and the general public.

Margriet is coordinator of the National Drug Monitor (NDM) and editor-in-chief of the annual reports of the NDM, which documents developments in drug policy, epidemiology and demand reduction in the Netherlands. She chairs the Risk Assessment Committee of the National Centre for the Assessment and Monitoring of new drugs of misuse, and was member of various advisory committees, e.g. evaluating Dutch coffee shop policy and the Dutch Drug Classification System.

As the Dutch Head of the National Focal Point for the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), and with a track record on leading complex multidisciplinary projects, she is well equipped to be the principal investigator of the European ALAMA project.

Peggy van der Pol

Dr Peggy van der Pol is an addiction epidemiologists specialized in assessments of cannabis/THC exposure. At the forefront of monitoring Dutch drug use developments at the Trimbos Institute Department for Drug Monitoring & Policy, she contributes to timely responses e.g. to indications of increased drug use, use of stronger ecstasy pills and a rise in adverse health incidents. This work allows her to help identify and address the most eminent research gaps and to directly provide policy makers and professionals with up to date and factual information on drug use and its sequelae.

Ruben van Beek

Ruben van Beek is the Dutch ZonMW funded PhD student working on the ALAMA project for the Trimbos institute. Ruben studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam with a specialisation in psychological methods. He has a background in mental health care. His primary interest is in addiction and substance use, also in a broader spectrum of public health subjects such as sports and nutrition. Rubens goal is to add to existing knowledge about European nightlife and more specifically to knowledge about the short- and mid-term effects of substance use in nightlife.

Tomas Geling

Tomas Geling received his Bachelor’s degree at Tilburg University in Psychology and his Master’s degree at the University of Amsterdam in Sociology. His Master’s thesis was on the sexual and social relations between Dutch chemsex participants. During his education he participated in fieldwork in Dutch nightlife for a European study investigating New Psychoactive Substances. His broad interest in drug use, nightlife, sexuality, psychology, sociology and international relations as well as his love for theory and practical affairs, is combined in the elaborate ALAMA project.

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