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Initial results

First results of the EMS Survey

We are still in process of analysing the data that was collected through the first EMS survey! Here are some preliminary results which we would like to share with you.

Respondents by country

A total of 7864 people across the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Italy completed the survey. In the chart below you can see how many participants were from each country.

Respondents by gender

The majority of respondents were male in each country. Of all the respondents, 60% identified themselves as male, 30% as female and 1% as other. Below you can see the percentages of each gender in the five participating countries.

Music genres

Taking into account all participants across the countries, techno was heard most often at events. House was heard second most often. New Wave and dubstep were heard the least at events.

The electronic music scene in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy was dominated by techno. The most heard music genre in Sweden and the UK was house.

In the graph below you can see all the music genres and in which country they were the most and least popular. For example, techno, hard dance and hardcore were most often heard in the Netherlands.

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